How To Keep Your Pearly Whites Clean…Without Toothpaste!

How To Keep Your Pearly Whites Clean…Without Toothpaste!
It’s shocking
…studies found brushing without toothpaste is FAR more effective than brushing with it.
Here’s a quote from a well-known Dental publication, “Journal of Periodontology (For Dentists)”:
“Research concluded brushing without toothpaste was more effective in removing plaque from the front surface of teeth. The mechanical action of brushing (moving the brush up, down or sideways) may have been the ‘main’ factor in determining effectiveness of plaque removal
In other words, the stuff believed to remove plaque, stains and food from your teeth may have nothing to do with cleaning your teeth. In fact…
…it could be the leading CAUSE of damage TO your teeth.
Here’s why:
MOST name brand toothpaste have nasty chemicals and toxins.
They Call It Their “Special Ingredients”…
Let’s look at some of the *special ingredients* you’ll find in most toothpaste:
#1. Sodium Lauryle Sulfate (used in shampoo and dish soap – has been shown to damage soft tissues in your mouth)
#2. Flavoring and Sweeteners (gives toothpaste that yummy taste and smell…and causes bad breath)
…the list goes on.
Truth be told, what makes these ingredients in toothpaste so *special*…is not that it cleans your teeth…but…that it can stain and cause plaque to build faster ON your teeth.
…which leads to bad breath…tooth decay…cavities…and a gang of other issues you don’t want to fight with.
So it begs the question…
“How DO you keep your pearly whites clean without toothpaste?”
If you think the answer is, “just brushing your teeth with a plain ol’ toothbrush…” you’d be wrong. A good toothbrush is PART of the solution, but not all of it.
Here’s the answer:
One Of The MOST EFFECTIVE Ways To Keeping Your Pearly Whites Clean…
…is a little-known natural cleaning agent called NEEM POWDER.
It’s made from an Indian herb used for centuries called ‘Neem’. It fights plaque, kills gum disease, and…bad breath almost instantly.
It can be tough to find in local stores. So, your best bet is to grab a small bag from It’s about $10 plus shipping. It can last for months. Here’s how you use it:
STEP #1: Wet your tooth brush under water.
STEP #2: Dip it in the green, Neem powder.
STEP #3: Brush as usual (3 to 5 minutes).
STEP #4: Repeat steps #1 through #3 each day.
Simple, eh? Plus, it helps whiten your teeth and saves on the cost of toothpaste. Try it today. You’ll be glad you did.

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